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Mar 31, 2004
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saw this here http://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk/view/F38850/
the guy sent me some pictures
looks like he's modified the leg to make it offshore but whats the pick up on the right hand side????
bow tank is on the left.
the pipe doesn't go anywhere


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Looks to me like it pushes on to the fitting on the side of the lower unit/water pump housing, so it's a remote cooling water pickup for the motor. These were very common in UIM class III racing pre 1990, when they were banned in an effort to reduce speeds in 4 litre. (using them allowed you to run the motors very high on a 4 litre cat)
Looks like a water pick-up direct into the leg, if you look just above the cavitation plate to the rear it looks like a pick-up connection direct into the impellor housing.

I had one on Yam Prov, although I ran the engine much higher on a power lift

So great minds think alike
here is another picture hasn't the gearcase got low water pick ups anyway???


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Yeah, it looks like a regular CLE gearcase, so it should have nostrils in the lower half of the bullet, can't really see why he'd need a remote pickup on a mono, but thats what it is.
Yes it has just under the rear of the cone, may have come with the engine so the guy fitted it, engine doesn’t look high enough to give any cooling problems. Could be an old leg off of a class III rig.
He's tie wrapped the now unused cooling tube to the leg rather than simply removing it!!!

If he couldnt be bothered to remove it, what else couldnt he be bothered to do? :rolleyes:
The pipe may be off coz he uses the fitting for flushing the motor!, just a thought
Yeah maybe, on closer inspection it does look like there is a fitting on the cover plate on the side of the gear case. Its a 2 hole CLE gear case though with 2 water pickups just below the piont of the bullet. The motor isnt mounted high enough to need the additional pickup it would just be extra drag and should be removed!!! :)

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