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May 12, 2004
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What is the cheapest way to repaint a boat and get a very good finish? IS it to use a roller and the machine polish it 2 times or is that jus LIEs!?

If you are going to paint by hand, pick up a copy of Internationals paint handbook. It's free at your local chandlers. There is a system in it that describes how to paint with a brush. You need two people though! One to paint and the other brushes out the streaks. They also have a paint leveling additive which is prety good. I have seen boats that have been painted this way and they look prety damn good!!!

Also IMHO, single pack 'toplac' by international is as good as any two pack PU and a fraction of the cost.

Just remembered, it's all online, , I Think!

is that how you did yours?
i treid gell coating it with a roller but some bstard nxt to me grit blasted covering my wet gell in grit!

My boat is original metalflake gel, I will be refinnishing it in the future. Either try and save the metalflake cos it's COOL or re-gel.

Re-gel with a roller! WOW that would be a LOT of sanding!:eek:

How bad is it now, could you save it? I would be real freaked if someone did that to my boat! Got any pics?

na works computer they'll kick my arse if they new i wasn't workin...well the fing is, it's prob my fault for gell coating next to a grit blasting shed!!!! to re-gel with a roller isprobly dumb...but the marine shop paid for the gel as they came up with the experimental idea. ill prob just sand it back and then gell it again in the shed (away from the grit blasting)!!!

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