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Mar 19, 2004
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Mobjack Bay (where?)
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A Little Noisy
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Excalibur 24
Express Racing 525

You mentioned a Pantera 28 on the website thats here in good old Blighty. I don''t think I have seen it. Who owns it and where is it now?

By the way, have you seen the Donzi 33 with Arnesons on a Hydrohoist(?) in Brighton Marina?
The Pantera belongs to Dave Simpson, and is now a sterndrive boat (was a triple OB) and lives in a field in Poole. Dave works (using the term lightly) for Tony Davis.

It was raced in the 80's by Henry Hector (great name)

No, I haven't seen the Donzi, Petrol Head (Steve Stamper's the Donzi man on here)
The Donzi in Brighton belongs to a chap called Kim Collins it has Bravo Arneson Conversions
Ah yes!, Mr Bonfire man! know it, it's only had the ASD's for a while, + some big power.
The Donzi in Brighton

I think its supercharged too?

I asked for a price on those conversions from Arenson.

$15K....a piece.

No wonder its on a hoist.

I felt honoured to get a reply.
Didnt notice.

Hve you seen the boat??

Suddenly Skiing and liquidisers have a new common thing.

Although just two new drives of any sort for me would be welcome.:cry:

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