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Tony Davis

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Mar 13, 2004
In a box
Cruising area
In the bath
Boat make
Spectre 30
2 x Promax 225
A few more bits for the Chaos Phantom.


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Where will the cute little hedgehog go? Is it a mascot? :D :D
cheers TD,

now sort that feckin V8 out coz my ears are gettin bashed-up,

please dont tell me you´re gonna send the stuff on the hedgehog!! I need it this year
Chaos noticed you got your Rex outboard bezels, Nice to see you are use stainless finish for your flush tank venk and beilge pump exit, Have you also got a stainless Bow tank breather???
Quicksilver have there own S/S unit which is very nice, I have three of these fitted to mine.

Of course you will have to go for Stainless marine cable entry glands now to finish it off properly.

That this was a budget phantom???

Easy to get carried away isn't it.
Tip: don't add it up until youve finished.

Is the S/S skin fitting for real, or pseudo?
Mrs Nobber said:
Where will the cute little hedgehog go? Is it a mascot? :D :D

I think TD sometimes refers to it as a 'Marital Aid'
cyco & Jonny

as far as i'm aware, they're plastic jobs with a stainless coating type stuff.

but really,i just got what ever TD said i had to have!!!

he kept implying that i was a bit tight by not having the proper gear so i decided i/d mash another credit card into oblivion!!!

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