Party Boat

MMmmmn! only 9 lovely girls, but I'm not as young as I was
14 broads, I hope it doesn't mean I'm good with a PWC :eek:
Brilliant, hit 3 hardboats and your out !

18 laydeeez
then RSI took over.
Looks like Paul did the right thing yesterday convincing me that the fecking paint will wait.
You 2 went skiving :cry:

He has a sunburned forehead :)

He's playing with his birthday toy (his choice BTW and it's all your fault)

You coming to Boatmad Cannonball Run?


I have sunburn on the left side of my face because of where the sun was most of the day. The right side is pale by comparison. I look like a fecking Harlequin.

The camera is only the start..wait til he needs a 200 GB hard drive to store all the farquin pictures and edits!!! (Novatech do some good ones)

If the Fillum viewing is for devotees of that particulaR movie then probably best I don't. Bertram Reynolds doesn't really blow my skirt up. A large amount of beer, now thats a different matter. Fnarr.
Large amount of beer gathering then.
Called cannonball.
You 2 should be there :up:

Love the new avatar.
Very Robinson Crusoe

Missus :up:

(Churchillian Mon)
I will be at the pub.
The Avatar pic was taken last week at a secret idyllic location.
Very few footprints in the sand.
I also hasten to add...for anyone who is was a rising tide so i wasn't stranded (literally) although I could think of worse places to be marooned.

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