Phantom 16 For Sale


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Apr 22, 2004
Boat name
Black Thunder
Boat make
Phantom 16
60 four stroke
Phantom 16 for sale, built in 1988 made from Kevlar. It is rigged with a Mercury 2003/2004 60hp Four Stroke (15hrs). The boat can be bought seperately to the engine. It very quick and can be used straight away for racing, or it can be used as a fast sports boat. It comes with the trailer and full boat cover!
Must be seen!


Will Nurse

Tel: 01962 842774
Don't you have a picture you could post?
Excuse my asking - but which class is it eligible to race in?
Basic I would think! or possibly K1000 with a couple of fat kids!!!!

Mind you, if the RYA thought they could sell a couple of licences, a measurment certificate and enrol you in the new powerboat school they would probably create a class for you!

Or how about V24, you might not be very competitive, but you would give Charles a run for his money.:D :D :D
Cookee said:
Charles who?

Christ, he would be mortified to here that, Gardener of course!
Well if it wasn't for the efforts of some there wouldn't be anyone new coming into the sport to buy the boats others want to get rid of. One way is from the bottom.
What does JBP stand for?
So your name would be?
Is your surname a secret
Phantom 16 for sale

The boat is setup to race in K1000 class the age range for that is 15-30 year olds.
If you want piuctures then you can contact me via my e-mail address, with your contact details and i will send you details and pictures in the post.


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