Phantom 16 Mercury 1500xs Tower of Power 65mph+


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May 24, 2015
Phantom with an incredibly rare Mercury 1500xs 150hp motor

The motor is Mercury's out of the box race motor from it's day in the 1970s. It has a 15in mid section and low water pick up. Spins a 24 pitch stainless chopper prop to 6500 rpm and it pulls a solid 65 mph all day, no chine riding. Really rare and collectable outboard, possibly the only one anyone is running in the UK?

It's set up for speed being an ex circuit race boat from Windermere Motor Boat Race Club. The handling is unbelievable and you could win some club circuit races with this boat

Boat is a Steve Baker build and condition wise I'd say solid but very rough and ready.

Trailer is a twin axle speed master and again is rough and ready but usable

Located Lancashire

£3495 (to go 65mph)

Buy it and make me cry


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