Phantom 20 Running Strip


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Mar 1, 2005
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You'll have trouble, Steve Baker had a custom die made at Wilks fendering, he used to have to have summat like 100 metres min per order.

All the smaller Phantoms got this unique sized ali bit, the rubber insert however, is the standard Wilks item.
thanks! not wot i wanted to hear i'v still got the old strip it just look's a bit sh**t
karl give clive jones a ring on 02088533555,he makes phantoms and may know where to get it from .
The original definitely came from Wilks fendering, trouble is, Trio's have the 20, 21, 23 moulds, and Clive has the 16, 18 moulds, so I would imagine Steve left the special 'die' with Wilks, and Clive/Trio must order from Wilks together, unless of course they use an alternative fendering.
i,ve bought some off wilks recentley that fits my phantom quite well not sure if its the right stuff but it looks good
wilks do it, im about to order some..........

Technix might too........

The Phantom stuff is exactly the same as the standard Wilks, except smaller.

The standard Wilks stuff, like my boat has, is about 1-1/2" wide, the Phantom stuff is about 1-1/8" wide, a minor detail really, but one that Steve Baker obviously felt strong enough about to go to the expense/trouble of getting Wilks to produce the tooling for his exclusive use.
have you got wilks number
GAV have you had a go at fitting this strip before ? it was a c##t to get off every other rivet was glassed over
sorry forgot to so say thanks for wilks web site
No this is the first time i will have used it, normally use pvc fender.
GAV wot plan have you got to bend it round the bowand the ass end
karl said:
GAV wot plan have you got to bend it round the bowand the ass end

they are 3.75m lengths i think, not sure if this is the right way but im going to fit around the bow first and work back, ally should bend easily enough, might pay to put a peice of rubber insert into the extrusion as you bend around the nose so as the ally doesnt close up?
heat gun ! thats for wimps. thinking of a bottle of oxy and a10 lb hamer that should do the trick!!
GAV that wont work ! if you try bending it on the boat it will just spring out and you wont get it tight enough on the bow i.e try bending a paper clip round the corner of your table