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Jun 6, 2004
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Anyone know roughly what a phantom 20 weighs with an XR2 on the back?
A guess would be 650-700kgs but it is just a guestimate
Thank you :) would that require a braked trailer then?
eer ...dunno
fukk mee wot a lode ov fikkos. az dat fantum iz maid owt ov kwadrifillar anndrekks bogg rowl an de RX2 iz waz bilt owt ov meltid dowen ammericun sivvil wor canun barruls i dowt wevver de ole fkin lott ways morr dan 600GKs an az de limmit forr de fkin braykd traylor iz 750Gks yew cud toe de fkker onn a skaytbord

eeeerr... Thanx I gues that means no? Anyone?
if it weighs more than 750 G.V.W then by law it needs to be braked
cheers bren do u reckon it does weigh more than 750kg, looks like youve got a slightly bigger boat than mine whats that weigh?
iv'e no idea how much it weighs mate i asked a similar question about mine but no one seemed to know for sure.
iv'e got mine on a snipe rollercoaster, only single axle but it's braked.
Brakes arnt connected on mine and wanted to take the boat to plymouth next weekend for the class 1 but its a 5-6 hour journey thus if it illegal its not going.

Sorry to go on but really want to go - local trailer place cant replace them in time :(
could be a bit risky towing all that way,if cops stopped you for a routine check ,or if an accident happens might make insurance void especially with the trailer having brakes,but them not working.
your boat might not weigh 750 so no need for brakes,but i would try to find out before towing any distance!!
no,but if cops see brakes on a trailer that arnt connected they may want to know why,when they are supposed to be working
The gArfish said:
de limmit forr de fkin braykd traylor iz 750Gks yew cud toe de fkker onn a skaytbord

That's 750 including the trailer.
You most defiantly need brakes and brakes that work, when I was ski racing a number of times we had the police turn up at the boat park to check our trailers, always in the (West Country) at the time I had a Phantom 20 with a 200 Merc, had brakes that worked all OK, some with same size boat even being towed behind 4x4 were booked for not having brakes.
A good friend of mine was stopped (locally in Kent) towing a F3 Ring without brakes, had to leave it by the side of the road and get it recovered, had to either have brakes fitted or buy new trailer, cheaper in the long run to buy a new trailer, police wanted to see the boat and trailer before they took of the ban from using it on the road.

I was told by my insurance company if you towed with out brakes you are not covered by insurance

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