Phantom 21 Offshore Powerboat 200hp Mercury

That looks tidy! wonder what the reserve is!

CC'll be pissed off!
sure do ,its a very tidy boat,location is hayling island
"engine not on boat in picture"
twood have been a good boat/trailer package for Lawrence, and a ton lighter than his :eek:
Yeah i know that boat i bought my surf of the bloke a few months back. i well wanted it that is well mint boat when i looked round it i couldnt see a gel crack even, its a proper nice tool he offered it to me at around the 10 mark
maybe but i think it had a pukka engine on it when i saw it or was it 8 k he said
These are one of my favourites, but you don't see them very often.


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view from tother end.


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Captain Chaos said:
spill the beans then?


Tintorera, made in Norway. There used to be a couple racing in OCR over here, but it's quite a popular offshore boat in the Scandinavian countries.
ian boutea had one but that was a 19 nice though.
The ones racing here in OCR were banned coz they weren't deemed to be a monohull, or at least not according to the way the rules dictate catamaran/monos.
They had a concave pad keel, to be a mono, the lowest point of the hull must be on the centreline, for more than a certain percentage of the overall length. This is why a batboat has a double concave pad keel (like two water skis side by side) with the centre downward peak being a fraction lower than the outer ones, thus it's a mono.