Phantom 23 - how fast?


Apr 10, 2004
Cruising area
Southern Norway
Boat make
Phantom 25
2 x Merc 2.5 EFI SS

How fast is a Phantom 23 with a single 300 HP engine (PM 300 or Merc 2,5 Offshore) ??

Cheeers, Toffen G

We did a phantom 23 with a 2.5 EFI single pleasure boat and it would do 76-77 MPH the boat was one of steve bakers and was a lite ish build but went well even in the rough.

I have a Phantom 25 (a little heavy built according to Steve Baker) that runs 76-77,5 mph with a PM 300 SVS. Then this is not that bad if a Phantom 23 (light weight) ran 76-77 mph with a Merc 2.5.

Was it a 260 HP og 280 HP or more?

I am looking at mounting two Merc 2.5 EFI Offshores / two PM 300 SVS engines on my Phantom 25. I presume this is the way to go for "serious" speed gains rather than buying a second hand Phantom 23...

Thanks for reply!

Cheeers, Toffen G

Ooooh.. I have not asked about the speed for a Phantom 23, as I have heard is a fast little boat. As I now see, its not that fast.

The reason for asking is that a used Phantom 23 can be bought for a reasonable price, and if it ran in the mid 80 ties with a PM 300 SVS - then it would be a nice alternative to my ol 25 with twins (expensive gas prices in Norway...)



Toffen G

with my 16 minutes (total) of observing various phantom 23's, i can whole-heartidly assure they are superb and would be magic with a 300 promax.

end of debate.

thx very much & ta da!
Bloody hell toffen, you've only been asking the same question for 2 years!!!

So your only managing 76 mph in a Phantom 25, oh dear. Look its a great boat and and thats not a bad speed! but what I can't understand is that you complain about the cost of fuel yet you plan to fit 2 Promaxes :aaahhh: Why ? isn't one fast enough, can you really do 76 mph across the sea on a regular basis with that boat.


The boat we did was set up for pleasure use with seats ,carpet,and to go sking with fast enough for a fun boat ,the engine was a 260 EFI your boat has 310 hp so it should easly go as fast as you say , we later set the same boat up as a twin rig with 2X 2.5 EFI and set it up to fly and it ran 104 mph would that be fast enough for you ?
Re: fast

2X 2.5 EFI and set it up to fly and it ran 104 mph would that be fast enough for you ?

:aaahhh: :D :D

Pls do not misunderstand.

As I see now a Phantom 23 is fast as it runs 77 mph with 260 HP. I have been in contact with a Phantom 25 owner in UK running 2 x Merc 2.5 SS, and his top speed is in the upper 90 ties. And a Phantom 23 with twins in excess of 100 mph is awesome!

My main objective was to clarify how much faster a Phantom 23 is compared to a Phantom 25.

A Phantom 23 with a single PM 300 SVS should run 80 mph +.

:cheers: Toffen G
Re: fast

it ran 104 mph would that be fast enough for you ?

nuh :D


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