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Mar 15, 2004
My chums are looking at a old phantom 23 with a 2year old merc promax 225 with shorten speedmaster drive.

The seller says its a kevlar built hull, its all black and was brought to poole about 3 years ago...

Difficult to price this up without more info.... but...

how much is a new promax 225? 2years old ?

how fast do you think this rig would run ?? Its gonna be a second boat for them and they want something scary, 70mph plus !! for under 10k..
I looked at this boat 4 weeks ago - probably pretty fast but in very poor condition - someones painted the hull matt black ! It was up for £13k even £6k would be a rip off. The guy lives in Bristol and keeps it in Poole on hardstand. Wouldnt trust the 2 wheel trailer for more than 3 miles.
Had a phantom expert with me who wasnt convinced it was a genuine phantom
Best of luck
dunno if we have the same boat here.... knows the guys who own it thru a friend, they are both poole based..

was the boat in sandbanks on a buiding site??
On close inspection of this boat (ie in daylight) your right, is is knackered..... the hull has had a poor paint job and there are large stress cracks and impact cracks on the hull!!!
How do you find out if this is a genuine phantom?? there was a 4/5 digit no. stamped on the back??

And yes youre right the seller does now live in Bristol!!

How much do you think the engines worth??
i,ve got a funny feeling that this boat was 4 sale on boats and outboards last year,then it was called marakesh express and had a 300 johnson on it, i travelled all the way to eastbourne to see it ,it was truly shagged then ,but it did have a new interior,

The trailer was terrible and looked like launching trolley with 2 planks as bunks.

there was a large vhf aerial on the back by the engine well.

this must be the same boat ,there was a 300 johnson of similar year and condition 4 sale on boats and outboards a while ago

boat also allegedly came from the navy in gibraltar used to catch drug trafficers mmmmmm.
a couple of years ago approx 6 boats of the type you have described arrived in Poole from Gib.

They had infact been used for smuggling cigarettes allegedly.

Most of them were painted either dark grey or black!
Oh come off it Tony you nobber.....your'e hardly likely to get a cigarette hull inside a Phantom 23

whiteshoes nipped over to france on the weekend and he was telling me that there was a very flash boat in the arbour at st Vaast called 'Crime Pays'
yes the trailer has 'Marakesh Express' on it
does it mean its not a genuine phantom?

Tony the boats in a building site on sandbanks, road back from 'oceanos' if your in the vicinty...
i saw marakesh express at northney marina last weekend its got a new 225 mariner on it still being run in,the trailer is very tired and it did have a v8 on it last year,the smuggling story is true,as is the 100 gallon fuel tank in it and the 50 gallon bow ballast tank,that had fuel in that aswell when it came over from its trip abroad,the owner is bob,and comes from north of guildford somewhere
this is a different boat for sure.... maybe the same old trailer
The black phantom with a 225 pro max is still in Poole

maybe just share the same name??

Why would somebody paint their boat matt black, its strange as it only meant o be a 1998 hull!!
the one i saw didnt have the name on it anymore but last year it did,in gold with a palm tree logo or something simular
and the trailer does have 2 wooden beams on it
the numbers should be the build date .............backwards.........and on the starboard side
yes wooden beams on the trailer, which has the name on it...

the hull id is stamped on the starboard but cant remeber the digit sequence...
boat is for sale on ebay, i enquired about this boat last year when is was for sale on boatsandoutboards,i lost interest when he said it had been painted.
phantomc92 said:
the numbers should be the build date .............backwards.........and on the starboard side

I know this is an old thread, but saw it and thought i'd comment.

if it's a 98, it won't have reversed date format.

have a look

I'll have you know nobba, I've been very constructive tonight!

emailing video files back to 'Truck' so he can convert em for me, and email em back, ready for 2morrow mornins show! fkkn efficient me ya know!

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