phantom 28

"ONYX" right of pic with the engine hatch up?.....and a slim ginger fella busy putting his frogmans suit on:drain:

The latest gazelle is really nice....I decided to make a pest of myself at the Hutton berth whilst at southampton this year!......just goes to show, it seems when you want to design a performance mono....its got to be long & narrow?

Flying Flipper is for sale you know? Mr Webb modestly led me to believe they had some real success with it way back when!
Thought I would add a photo of what I believe was the first and only P28 Cruiser with the large style cockpit layout. So to get complete listing of varients inc Warlord which I saw being used for some Manos Baiting.

From Memory - probably wrong we started using the Hull from 85 although the hull was moulded a couple of years earlier and was in Steve's yard for some time. Have some photos of the boat when being moulded.


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Will do, mi mums scanned em recently - will post shortly.
Have some really old photos - non phantom from the first round Britain. Think they qualify as Historic.
roofer how about some pictures of this p28 at hutchys, for those of us who don,t get out often. Are you still wanting ballast (navigator) i only live a couple of hours away and am intrested.
sinkunit0 said:
Roofer, how about some pictures of this P28 at hutchys, for those of us who don,t get out often.

I can help there.

Here's some pics of it from '03, when it was owned By Rory Power/Debbie France


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