Phantom Hull Identification

Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
Gavin Brown was asking about Hull ID the other day, so here goes:

Phantom Hull identification

Info for determining the age of Phantom boats

'Boats built before October 1987 had a simple reversed date system on the transom, i.e. If your boat has the numbers '860322' your boats construction was first started on: 22nd March 1986

From October 1987, to December 1997, things were a little more complicated, the hull ID consisted of a number (in most cases 3 digits), followed by a single letter. i.e.: 021J The number represents the build number, in sequence, across the model range, for that financial year. And the letter represents the financial year in which it was built (April to March) The first 2 years though, were, just to be confusing, different!, boats built from October 1987 to December 1987, used the letter 'A' (2 month period) Boats built from January 1988 to March 1989, used the letter 'B' (15 month period) From then on, each letter represents each financial year (excluding 'I') as follows:

Oct 87---Dec 87 ='A' (2 months)

Jan 88---Mar 89 ='B' (15 months)

Apr 89---Mar 90 = 'C'

Apr 90---Mar 91 ='D'

Apr 91---Mar 92 = 'E'

Apr 92---Mar 93 = 'F'

Apr 93---Mar 94 = 'G'

Apr 94---Mar 95 = 'H'

...............(missed 'I')

Apr 95---Mar 96 = 'J'

Apr 96---Mar 97 = 'K'

Apr 97---Dec 97 = 'L' (9 months)

So, a boat with the HIN: 021J would be the 21st boat built by phantom in the financial year 1996. One would need to refer to the factory records to determine exactly what model it would have been, and in which Month it was built.

From January 1998, the standard RCD (recreational craft directive) HIN system was used. This defines the boat in more detail, i.e. the country of origin, the manufacturers code, the boat model, the boat No, the month and year of production, and the model year. For example, GB-PHA28016H303 would be a phantom 28, built in GB, by Phantom boats, it would be the 16th P28' built to date, the build began in Aug 2003, and it is a 2003 model year. It splits up like this: Great Britain-Phantom boats-28'-No16-started in Aug 2003-2003 model. Clear as mud!
no, sounds more like a race #, mebe it was a 2 litre OCR boat at some point.

where was this number?
On da transom drivers side above where my trim tab is just under the rub rail
Its onlt bout a inch long but looks like part of the boat not a plate

any ideas?
The letter/numbers are the wrong way round to be the original phantom ID! Had it been '039A', it would mean it was a Oct/Dec '87, although I doubt they built 39 boats in that two month period!but it aint, it's A39, so I have no idea!

I'll ask Mr Baker.
18 years old didnt know i had a dinosaur sod that i aint going fast again might full apart:frog:
Taz said:
Spose it means it was the third boat they built in oct/ dec 87

yup, third boat built within that period.

So I'd guess late Oct '87
Mr baker has done hasnt he?

Whats the thing with the kevlar hulls in the p20 ? Limited edition?
the moulds still exist, the people who mad my 21 have them and i;m quite sure would build anybody one.

in fact, i think they may have used it for some renovations on silversurfers boat
taz..................the price could vary massivly dependent on what construction, goodies & level of finnish you have.

Not putting ideas into your head...............but would a 2.5 efi powered Phantom 23 be a really nice rig????????

you MUST have seen the white one (with turquoise & purple phantom striping) that used to thunder up & down the blackwater/ crouch up until last year. fkin awesome!
Nope didnt see it sounds nice! at the present time im building my house and am skint my boats finished and running lovely maybe next year ill get a p25 and transfer everthing over although after seeing those bat boats!!