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Mar 12, 2004
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ok i have an offer on the table for the revolution,now do i go for the backdraft or stick with the devil you know................has anyone had much to do with any backdrafts? help me make my mind up friends,cheers:confused:
Wot's a backdraft?
copy of a ockke mannerfelt batboat made under licence
What are you going to do with it? - Race it? Then it would have to be offshore and no-one is racing Phantoms - Which Phantom would you use instead of the Backdraft and what would its top speed be?

I would go for the Backdraft - probably unless you were going to gamble on every race being rough - but then they don't race if it's really rough!
basic races for now and playing at the weekend,it gives me a choice to do both and be a little more competitive and poss do nationals in the future
Backdraft then - if you can manage with just 2 seats!
2 seats.....................thats what i have got to get my head round


dont know if you recall our conversation, but you seemed dead-keen on that backdraft. Dont do a 'me' and feck about..... get what you want and when your going out for a days pleasure, limit your crew to a maximum size of 3ft 6 and 6 stone....that way you can still take 2!

If you're gonna go racing it's gotta be the backdraft, but remember they are desperately impractical for anything else.

Even simple things like mooring them up nicely is a nightmare coz of the wings.
phantomc92 said:
2 seats.....................thats what i have got to get my head round

Reminds me of "The Cannonball Run"
SDJ...'God is our co-pilot!',,,,,,DM...remember our car...two seats!...where's he gonna sit? priceless!
Backdraft pics & specs anyone ?

I think there's one in the for sale section

Not a site apart from the crap music

Do the wings do anything or are they just for aesthics and don't bite me fecking head off
just like the advert baby............with they must be better
no no no no no ,not enough cash,all will be reveiled on monday

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