Phantom P16 with brand new E-tec 115 for sale


Aug 29, 2021
Black Forrest, South of Germany
Cruising area
River Rhein
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 16
Evinrude E Tec 115
Our objective when buying this boat from the former owner in Torquay in August 2021 was to have a small economic boat, easy to slip, without problems but however bringing some fun to ride and doing waterskis. An what can I say: this setup fulfills these criteria in a quite perfect way.

The hull is from 2004 without any cracks or breaks with original coating and painting in avery well-tended condition. The former owner bought a brand new Evinrude E-tec 115 in 2017 and let it fit by the local Evinrude agent “One Marine” in Torquay in 2018 completely with all new Icon Pros Series Gauges and Bay Star Hydraulic steering.

The boat has a digital bus, all data is stored in the ECU so you can see every single ride, winterizations and ECU time and engine running time.The last read-out is from 11th of February 2024 and can be send by mail.

The engine has only 63 hours of running (guaranteed) and has an extended Evinrude warranty up to 2027 (official confirmation from Evinrude Europe with engine No. is available), because this series belonged to the 10 yeras warranty in case of all services done by an official Evinrude agent. The last service was done in January 2022 by our local Evinrude agent at about 45 hours of running – sine then only 18 hours of riding.

So the engine is as good as new and alows with this setup up to 95 kph here at our local river “Rhein” were we are riding most of the time.
We owned some Evinrude engines in the last 20 years – at last a 225 hp at our Ring 21 - but for us an economic ride was the most important criteria. Therefore we choose this combination and indeed the fuel consumption is unbelievable low, we can ride a whole afternoon with monoski or wakeboard with one tankful (24 litres).

Everything at the boat is working perfectly, coming with a streamline trailer with completely new approval by our German TUEV in 2022 (year of building is confirmed to 2022) with new brakes, tires, bearings etc.

The boat was ridden up to 2021 from the former owner in salt water of South England, from then onby us only in fresh water here in the South of Germany on the river “Rhein”. The boat was slipped after every ride (which takes about 5 minutes) and stored in our own garage here at home besides our cars.

The reason for selling the boat is that our two kids are now relocated because of their academic studies so that the boat was ridden in 2023 about 7 hours (all logged in the read-outs).

It is not a bail-out for us, but it makes no sense that such a nice boat is only used for some hours per year.
The price is € 13.990.- , coresponding to about 11.900.- British Pounds.

The boat is located in 77830 Buehlertal, in the South of Germany, 40 kms besides the boarder to France. A lot of pics and films when riding are available – in case of interest please send me a mail to or give me a call under my mobile ++49 151 4614 7572.
Thanks for your interest.


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