phantom21 or 23


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Apr 25, 2004
im looking for a decent p21 or 23 ,pref without engine,age not to important but condition of hull is.
I've got a mark 2 p21. Original gel coat. Has not been used hard, very few stress cracks . Getting fed up trying to find an engine. It's on an RM trailer, really good condition. Interior will need doing sometime. Inboard fuel tank . In hayling Island Hampshire.


My P21 is still for sale. Good clean condition, I was asking £7,500.00 for the whole rig however I have a potential buyer for the engine so could do a deal?

PM me if you would like further information.




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Don't really understand sorry?

You can buy the complete rig. Boat,trailer and engine for £7500 or he can sell you everything less the engine and you find your own engine
Re Phantom

Hi are you still looking for a phantom, My dad is selling his P23 either with or without engine, the boat sits on a excellent four wheel fully braked SBS trailer,
with wash through brake hub system. The boat has foot throttle, power steering, Pro trim, The engine is a Mercury 2.5 260 with off shore leg and low water pick up gear box
Sent a load of photos never even replied. Don't waste your time lol.
Not so strange that you get no reply maybe, threadstarter wanted a boat in 2004!! and you bring this thread up again in 2015! Lol
Ah not so strange eh........I was asked to send a load of photos which I did , and got no reply. All in 2015 not 2004 ....

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