Phoney Phantoms (in this case Chaudron)

Sounds like a plan.... :D
bert said:
we should start a lottery syndicate and if we win buy a chauldren 41 splash it to a 42 build out of carbon fibre couple of lambo`s call it the steve baker speical with his signature on the side race it thrash the chauldren then splash every model they build at subserdised cost to all


What makes you think it would win anything?
as long as it beat the chauldren who cares
I'm sure that Steve would under no circumstances want his name on the side of that 41' abortion.
Matt said:
I'm sure that Steve would under no circumstances want his name on the side of that 41' abortion.

your so picky
then we will make a 32 based on jons p28 that sb would like and endorse with twin outboards to take on the other chauldren and wip its arse

but this doesn`t sound nearly as much fun
Listen you really are missing the whole point.

1st - SB is retired, so lets not be so presumtious as to attach his name to a copy (of an abomanation of a copy) of one of his 21yr old boat designs.

2nd - Chaudrons, Raffshores & god knows what other copies may be a finely made boat, may be stylish, but you cant hide the fact that they're a copy and thats ALL they are.

3rd - When Jon (or anyone else) rattles on about theft etc, I truelly beleive its utterly impossible for anyone whos not built a boat (myself included) to comprehend how much work goes into the plug/ development etc...........only to have some one polish & copy it.

Please can we change the subject, before I have to dig out thew pictures of chaudrons improved version of the typical phantom foot throttle that they didnt copy!
why does'nt steve baker do some posting and voice his own opinion.

is there actually any proof that a chaudron is a phantom copy?iv'e seen both phantom and chaudron and i know which i would prefer.
Let's refer back to the wedge on the spray rail. What is it for? If Chaudron are expert designers, they should know.
All disagreements aside, I'd really love to know what thats for?

I did notice there had been no reply.

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