Phoney Phantoms (in this case Chaudron)

chaudron said:
with a full cabin phantom i think it might be difficult to have a forward ballast tank as a lot of headroom would be lost, no problem for a race boat though without a cabin.

dunno about loss of headroom, the 28's get the bow tank right up front beneath the anchor locker, so they don't affect the cabin size.

chaudron said:
do you know what layup Steve was using for the 28 and what type of resin?

Yes thanks.
chaudron said:
actually the roughest sea encountered in Powerboat P1 this year was the UK Grand Prix in Brighton, that was a tough race with huge waves

Yes, I was there.
Jonny said:
The heavier the boat is, the harder it will be to shift the C of G with ballast, whereas a light boat will require less ballast to achieve the weight shift.

Well, thatsme ****ed then!
chaudron said:
Look at the Powerboat P1 championships, its the guys with the bigger and heavier boats who are winning....the top US boats, Pantera and Donzi were getting trashed by the heavier CUV' Supersport class a 7 tonne boat built in Italy was winning all the races

Only just saw this.

Yes, of course the big Italian ex class 1 boats will do well in the rough, they're old, but they're pure race boats, they're bigger than the donzi etc, but more importantly, they're running big Issotta Fraschini racing diesels, that probably make 200 hp more (each) than the Mercruiser 525's of the Donzi.

And the boat that is by far the most impressive ( (the Buzzi, not the Nicolini)) is a very pure racing machine with very pure racing motors, IRO 900hp each! they can afford to pull some extra weight. Put the 525's of the Donzi in the big CUV and see how competitive it is then!
Jonny said:
There's every chance I guess, could well be the same boat.

Spoke to Cye today and whilst he hadnt heard of the name 'Here On Business' he said that he'd been told that 'The Edge' had been raced at Windemere by Neil in the endurance race a few years back. The guy that owned it before the current owner prevoiusly had another boat also called 'The Edge'. So I would guess he remamed 'Here on Business' to 'The Edge' as this is the name he raced under.

Kind regards,

Sherlock Holmes (no relation to Neil)

chaudron said:
my initial post was that the chaudron 28 might be a bit heavier than the 28 phantom.

Rough and strong dont take long.:D
phantom 21

The light weight 21 was called 'here on business' and had a 2.5 EFI mercury on it .the boat ran 93 mph and yes i did race it at Windermere enduro and cleaned up, the boat was very very strong and in the rough was a dream to drive ,the new owner then called it The Edge, this 21 was one of the lightest,fastest,strongest,Phantom 21 ever built by Steve,and in the rough was unbelieveable
Cool! Do you think that if Mr Chaudrom built a lead version, it would be better?
yeah you might be right, it would certainly look nicer, how about a solid marble upper deck, that would look well tasty :D
Mines made of a Ardem Vella/ Iron and cement composite...........known to be superb in the rough!
why dont they make boats out of Adamantium it is after all the strongest metal in the world :D
yeah but if it was why did they make Wolverines skeliton out of Adamantium?
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Matt said:
I believe the new Falcon is made out of the entire world's supply.

No, they must have used the worlds supply to create Manos's unbelievably thick, strong, exterior (skin)
I have owned the following in the last 20 yrs...
Marlin Mirage 22, Ring 20, Phantom 21, Chaudron 25 & Chaudron 33.

My experiences are...

Marlin Mirage was very light (kevlar & cf layup) 72mph with 225hp
Chined at 65mph but could control.

Ring 20 standard lay up, 65mph with 225. Chined out of control at 55-60mph....sold asap.

Phantom 21 I guess standard lay up, with 225 72mph. Great ride very little chining.

Asked SB to make me a Phantom 25 with cabin & other special specs. SB quoted (without engines or trailer) £ 11,500. Went for Chaudron 25 including cabin, gill braket, stainless fuel tank & fittings cost £5350. Much better build quality than Phantom, had 8
people dancing on nose, no cracks, not even hair line! To the uneducated & to put the record straight, Chaudron 25 is not a copy, the Phantom mould would not fit over a Chaudron boat.
Chaudron have taken a brilliantly designed (SB) boat & improved it. I got 79.4mph (on GPS) with 225 Optimax across Sarasota Bay in 5/6ft seas. Howerver in dead flat conditions 69mph max.

I now have Chaudron 33 with twin 225 Optimax. Best rough water boat I have ever been in. Running 21p props, max speed on GPS is 68mph but both over rev alarms go off. Not tested on larger props yet. Chaudron 33 P1 race boat does 75mph with twin 250 & running 23p props, but does not have fridge, Cooker. TV, Shower, Toilet & sleeps 5. But he won P1 British Grand Prix & I did'nt.
You need to take a reality check!

And to set your uneducated record straight, I'm not having another "jackanory" thread about illegal copies of British boats performing impossible miracles on a 15p budget, wasting server space on my website.

Got it?
Quite happy to give u a test ride, I can only talk from experience.
But note:SB without doubt designed & built a fantastic race boat, I'm British & very proud of what SB achieved, but sadly british workmanship & skills has diminished in all areas. Quite willing to show u evidence.

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