Pictures from Poole ( 13th June )

Mark Wildey

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Mar 12, 2004
Was on the water today watching the racing at Poole. Here is a small selection of the 250 pictures I took and have all been resized for the web.

If you would like the full size version or want to use the picture else where, no problem, just Email me at and I'll send you a version that has been worked on.



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Nice conditions for flat out racing.

Even managed to tow some Welsh blokes, C9, back to Poole


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Nice pics mate, wouldnt mind a copy of them for meself, I was taking them from both sides of the pier on the fishing bit. Just need someone to host them, I took around 45.

Either that or can anyone point me in the direction of one of them sites that hosts a photo album for you free and I'll upload them all there.
Great pics Mark especially of Carly Baby and Jackie´s R5, did you have any of Bananashark or didn´t they race ?

I wouldn´t mind if you could send me one of Jackie´s R5 for my desktop to
Sizer / Bogi

I'm just about to jump in my car and drive to the airport so can't send the pictures out.

When I get back, in about a week, I'll send them out.

Will be back on the internet in about 15 hours !


Nice pics Mark, I expect Ricky Hill (C9 Batboat) would like a copy of a couple, could you email me the full size images, ta

I got a fair few of C-9 too.....
Mark have a nice flight and good time where you are going to.

Look forward hearing from you again and to receive the pics.
Right found somewhere to host them so hopefully you'll see them here soon...

lol...just noticed on "more c-17" I can just see me on the lower pier, im the little red blob with me nipper next to me... :)
Bogi - we wern't there - will be in Ramsgate next weekend and Exmouth the weekend after though!

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