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Mar 21, 2004
My little Black 14 soon to be proceeded by my big black 21!:seaman:


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catchin a bit of air........:bolt:


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close.......Torquay, cant you tell by the lovely surrondings and sunshine!?
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Really luv your new Bo Selecta pic.

As a little treat and basically to totally embaress myself, heres a couple of pics of me & "the iron duke" @ some disco gaff in a really small french moutain village last year.

I dont know what the feck was going on! I seem to remember having a Gin and my mate "stupid" having his glove nicked from his golf bag!

I assume that the Vin Blanc was out of date or somin:drink:

But whichever way, i really did think i was Michael Jackson (circa 1984) for about an hour......i mussed have been dancin like a real:wank:


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Dancin Queen

So what do YOU look like then penis??

Just coz you've got rid of HER.........dont think you can get all clever!

The one on the left!

Unfortunatly, due to the camera man being too p-hished, you cant seem the hoards of screaming girls to the left of stage:drain:
Cool! Did you get the hump?

Well heres me in my favourite wig chamone, check ma bad self!


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So now you wanna change roles ha!

My dear sister, the Cannonball shall fall to the forces of Islam! I swear it!


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Kin hell Matt,

nice chick, how many camels did she cost ?

I reckon that's a pantomime Camel! they're not Matts legs, they're false, the camels rear legs are Matt's! just like that comedian with the Emu.....feckin fake
Was that the photo taken while we were in "Le Bleu Oyster" Club?? I don't remember hordes of girls being there, but i distinctly remember you trying to get me to wear a red indian outfit.

The Iron Duke said:
i distinctly remember you trying to get me to wear a red indian outfit.

It was better than you wearing that poxy handle bar tash & leather pants with the but-cheaks cut out!

And the club was "Le discoteque Homo" as you well know!

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