pleasure boat

The first thing I would do is get hold of Neil Holmes (he makes Phantom Evolutions now) or the designer Lorne Campbell (pm me for his number) and ask them! Anything could be converted but the question is always how easily and at what cost!

It's probably wood as well so better check for dry rot!
Be carefull! that boat had a few loans against it in it's previous life. ran in the middle east for a year or two,.

Originally built for Les Salvage in about 89-90.
And yes, it's timber, built by Midas Marine in Southampton.
made of wood sounds like a lot of money to spend on it to convert
and its had a had life by the sound of it, but if you could do the work yourself might be something special sounds like a job for
td,matt,cc, jf,

when you've finished the garden cat
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You can exclude 'jf' from that list!
Yeh, and me, I don't like splinters!!

Best bet would be for you to buy it, bring it round to my house, I'll remove anything worth saving, and then it's hotdogs, jacket spuds and a right good blaze on Nov 5th!!!
making lpg tanks:D

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