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Mar 22, 2004

New British team to challenge world offshore championship
A one million pound British challenge to capture the world Class I (16-litre) offshore powerboat championship was launched in Plymouth by the city's Lord Mayor on 10 May.

The new team, headed by 46-year-old local property developer Chris Parsonage, is the first British attempt for the title since Welshman Ken Thorne withdrew from the sport four years ago.

Although the principle sponsor of the British round of the championship series at Plymouth over the past three years, Parsonage has little personal experience of offshore racing in the top league. He has therefore engaged New Zealand throttleman Peter McGrath who crewed Australian Bill Barry-Cotter to third place in the championship last year.

The new British team will drive Negotiator, a UAE built Victory catamaran hull powered by two 1000hp Lamborghini race engines capable of producing speeds of around 150mph (241kph). As well as a top class international fleet which includes leading teams from Italy and Dubai the pair will be facing reigning Class I offshore champions Bjorn Gjelsten and Britain's five-time world championship winner Steve Curtis, both racing under the Norwegian flag.

"We want to use this season to find our feet," said Parsonage. "If we finish our first year in the top six we will be more than satisfied and can look to the future with confidence."

£1 million? What % of the Victory Teams budget is that do you think? 5%?

Hmm, a million pound budget eh?

Obviously not having Mark Pascoe running the team then, 1 mill wouldn't cover the embroidery costs of all those lovely shirts and overalls!!!
If your gonna do it do it right ;)
Pascoe's budget running class one in 1991 was 1.8 million and he still could not keep within that :aaahhh: :*******:
Matt said:
I would seriously sell body parts to have even the remotest involvement with any of the teams, even if they come last.
It's really great to see some other teams having a go.

I dont think you are the only one with that sentiment Matt.

I went along with C56 last year it was good fun. Some times just an extra vehicle to and from the pits is a godsend.

There are quite a few people interested in helping teams and clubs in general.

Any teams looking for another pair of hands...

All and sundry welcome to come and hang out at the BananaShark pits - however you should be aware the budget is god knows how much overspent already though! As you say an extra pair of hands is sometimes very usefull and you get to see how the whole thing works from the inside -

The thing is it's a lot less glamerous (even class 1) than you might think!

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