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Mar 31, 2004
Weston Super Mare
Dudes does anyone know when the Class 1 Offshore power boats are racing in plymouth this year if atall??????????????:confused:
Yeh, your right 16th 17th & 18th. Are any of you bringing your boats down and watching from the water? More info can be found from:, this is the local chap from Plymouth.
Honda formula 4 are down as well. Boats craned in from the Barbican, pits up on the Hoe.:cheers:
yes we will be down from lovely weston super mare bring the boats.
we watched from the baots out at the breakwater last year well worth it. much better view than from land
probably bring Cyco's new bernico down so keep an eye out.;)
D**it I am stuck at home as my old man is celebrating his 70th birthday on the 18th. Would have loved see Honda racing and beeing back to Plymouth as I haven´t been down there since 1978.


For those of you who are coming to Plymouth for the racing this weekend the times are as follows:
Saturday 17th
9.30-11.30 C1 Official Practace on race course
11.45-12.30 Honda, 150 class
12.45-13.30 Honda, 225 class
14.00-15.00 Class 1 Pole Position

11.45-12.15, Honda 150 class
12.30-13.00, Honda 225 Class
14.00-Class 1 main race start. :cheers:
What in DR, won the Pools or somfink

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