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Mar 12, 2004
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ok kickoff for the event is high noon on the 13th of june,start line is just south of bournemouth pier,with practice on the saturday
see you bought it then

hi carl,
i see you bought the backdraft in the end.

did you manage to sell the phantom?

how fast have you got out of the new one, cos the orange one is pretty rapid because it used to belong to pete little and dave arther and it pritty lite, though it did break down at torquay this weekend so if all your bits are screwed on, which i exspect they are as gareth is a top mech then you stand a good chance.

all the best mate and i'll see ya down there sat

can't decide what to race v24 or marshan there so simlar
hi pete,the phantom has gone to south end on sea.i had a chat with andy who has the other one and something happened to his steering(cable).should be interesting though when we meet up.i am arriving early sunday morning as long as i can get scrutineered ok.i havent had it flat out yet,but lets just say its faster than the phantom.see you down there
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Ocean Racing? as in Geoff Purves?
yep geoff/ mr. hospitality inn
Is he lookin after ya motor?
the engine and the boat in general,ie the bits i cant do,he looked after the phantom aswell,bloody nice guy. if my memory serves me correctly i thought i saw you both in a pic on a dunk test
Correct, prior to racing in Abu Dhabi/Dubai in 'Hospitality inns'
Thinking about it, he looked after that P20 when it belonged to the Penns (Peter + Simon)
The P20 you owned until just a few days ago!!! ...good memory!
oooooooooooooooo phantom 20,i thought you meant a race nos,now i understand.it seems geoff has worked on most boats in his time,the first time he looked at the backdraft,his words were.........i remember this one
He probably said "That got the dearest set of seat runners in the history of offshore racing!"
lol ,thats the one,and gear change control
And the rest of the parts have been promised for Thursday!!!!!
:D :D :D
but which thursday would that be
Never this one!
what boats are racing in poole carl, is it a basic race?
yep basic race,so there should be a mix of everything from all classes
A mix of everything?

What about a Bernico with a 300 Drag.
Would I be allowed to race:D

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