Poole Harbour Burnout 2 !!

Admiral P. Brain

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Mar 15, 2004
Lets try and organsise another Poole Harbour Burnout for when the speed limit drops beginning of October...

Does anyone know the date the limits drops?
We could go for sat 2nd or 9th October?

would be good to try and arrange it round lunch/drinks at one of the marinas

Hope to see Levithan in action??
cant view these videos on work pc's and havent got home pc...

not only do we want to see it in action in poole in October we are hoping for a ride that was long ago promised!!??

I could organise through cobbs and arrange some slippage storage etc....
Is it the type of vid you can't see, or are vids banned completely?

Canyou view/play the penguin games?
i can play some of the games but that movie show just doesnt work
I am not allowed to download any software on the pc/network thingy!!
Shall I bring a rib in case anybody needs a tow?

that would be nice rowg, we can all go water skiing then:cheers:
sounds good tell me when?
i could be up for that if i still got a boat too guys!!
Right i've been informed its 1st October that the speed limit drops.
We can moor all boats on the racking pontoon at cobbs whilst we grab lunch etc...
and people can slip their boats from Cobbs too!!

if windermere starts on 9/10th i suggest 2/3oct ??
can i be invited to ??

not as fast as the rest of you here but..... fast enough to make my presence known with quite an impressive wake !!!

would even be prepared to light a "barbie" on th R'Send to imitate an oil burner (diesel) or if i tie all my lifejackets to the bow for the instant "rib" effect !!


keep me informed ...... would love to be there
this sounds like a good idea lets work on it
Foolish said:
...tie all my lifejackets to the bow for the instant "rib" effect !!
No need, we'll bring the genuine article!
So assuming it aint pissing with rain (a big no-no for boating where I'm concerned) are we gonna get a Southampton posse together to travel to Poole?

so far:

Blue Ice: Richard & Louise + the Essex boy

Leviathong: Me, Angela & Rowgscratcher + mebbe Matt

I shall be joining the Nobbers on Blue Ice with Richard having to pry my dead lifeless hands from the steering wheel again to get a go in his own boat!:seaman:

If ..... it's gonner happen

would someone be kind enough to post some details of launching/locations etc.. in this thread, :)
I have only run out of Littlehampton before so i would need to know what i may be up against !!
if its gonna be rough i might consider bringing the rib instead (it's not selling anyway) !!

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i will be travelling from calshot so would love to join the soton convoy

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