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Mar 12, 2004
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Any ideas on this? Went to trim the engine out to get it back on the trailer and to say it was very slow coming up is an understatement (but it did move). As I went to lower it the bloody thing would not move at all, the (trim) motor/pump is whining but the engine just did not move. Any pointers would be good.
To be honest I havent checked the oil level. How would I do this? theres no sight glass or gauge. As for the rams, its a large single one.
Drive coupler on trim pump could be f*cked (tween electric motor and pump)
if the trim pump is remote ie. not built into the mid section, there will be a plastic screw covering the fill hole this is a dip stick and will have min and max marked on it.

When you were raising it, did it make a sort of gurgling sound?
Something you know a lot about gArfie?
Its amazing what a bit of hydraulic oil can do!!!:wank:
I`m planning to put trim and tilt controls on the steering wheel, can some one confirm that the three wires leading up the control arm are red for common, blue for up and green for down?
sounds about right, so that means you gotta a square type trim motor...............that explains alot!

My advice is, keep an eye on the level....next time it plays silly buggers.....its bound to lack of fluid............Oh, and most importantly, DONT use geniune merc stuff............it costs a bomb!

I think i used a good weight Auto-gearbox oil....just fine

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