Powerboat racing in Brighton this weekend

Johnny Rocket

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Mar 12, 2004
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This weekend is the British round of the Powerboat P1 UIM World Championship in Brighton. Anyone coming to watch?
Yeah, me and TD
Wotz fa din-dins?
Will you be going along for a peek JK?
We'll post some pics for ya Mate!....now run along and stop pulling at that leash! :D :violin: :drain:
Johnny Rocket said:
I'll be around on Sunday. There's an open invitation to the PIZZA hut!

You'll do for me Mr Rocket!!!!!!!
How come you put a poncy little map on RN showing how to get there, but F-all on the UK's premiere website for performance boat enthusiasts(and a few ribnobbers)?
Cool! nice to see ya there 'S'.

How did ya US trip go? and what was the Chicago Poker run like?

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