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Mar 13, 2004
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Went and watched the racing in Poole today, It was such a poor turnout, and such crap racing that I can't believe I wasted fuel to get there!

Some serious question need to be answered as to why racing is at an all time low, or perhaps it's time to pull the plug and start again.
Hi I was there as well today!! According to the rumour mill Brian is ok after his steering wheel boss breaking at over 70mph. Good hook!!!! The only problem I have this weekend is the awarding of the Needles Trophy to the things in rubber!! Onlly twice to the needles and no long lap. They only raced a max of 75nm cant wait to see the press write up!!
Richard white 1st
The Rendals 2nd
Roy smith 3rd


Is it acceptable at a national race to have one doctor on the water, one diver covering all of the main race course, and to have a man un concious in the water for 3-4 mins and let every one carry on racing.

what would happen if there was another incident.
re. state of racing

I think it just shows how fragmented the whole sport has become - and also how little there is in the way of an overall plan for the whole sport.

With regards to this weekends RIB racing - it is not what it was a few years ago and obviously needs to get some more entries from somewhere. Personnally I think it was far better when people were racing general multi-purpose RIB's.

Offshore has of course now lost 4 litre and 1.3litre - so just leaves 2 litre. For that we had a reasonably healthy 10 boats, and a good mixture of makes and hull forms.

Unfortunately Brian and Pat had their incident on the first lap and with a number of boats stopping to give assistance the race was as a spectacle was pretty much over.

Also my boat (in the latest step of development) produced various mechanical problems so only ran on 6 cylinders for spells - so we were not really in the race.

So all in all I'm sure you did not see the best of racing.

also with cowes less than 2 weeks away possibly people were saving there boats for that,and the cost of it all comes in to it,i know i was
Rose Tinted Spectacles

I wonder if everyone looks back to the 'good old days' with rose tinted spectacles.

If you go back to say 1983, this was the rough make up of the fleet.

Class 1
Toleman racing Er himself most weekends.

Class 2

Can’t remember too many

Class 3

3D 5 or 6 boats
3C 12 to 15 boats
3B 3 to 4 boats

Cruisers (remember them?)

10 to 12

There was hardly any TV coverage (15 minutes of the London Calais on The World of Sport) and that was with a big sponsor in Peter Stuyvesant.

At least now with the Honda Series you can watch it on C4, every day on the Exchange and Mart channel on SKY.

The sport does seem to have fragmented into RIBS, Bat boats and Honda – but wasn’t it ever thus?

Prize giving’s took ages handing out 3 trophies in every class. Every spectator was so confused because there could be up to 8 winners!

Class 3C (2 litre) did in fairness have glory days –The worlds in 1985 with 35 boats, and the Europeans in Guernsey in 1988, where the starting field stretched from the castle to Sark!!
Class 2 Romans Sabre, Apache (ExHTS)
It was never a really big class other than when there was the Round Britian in 69 & the london monte carlo.

Glad to see this is still a great conversation topic & a rather volatile one which I'm going to stay out of.
Now I'm :bolt:
Re: Rose Tinted Spectacles

Ciao said:

Cruisers (remember them?)

Family Planning Class !!!!! as it was known
Family Planning Class

TD and I raced 'cruiser' in it's last guise (NPC II) then it Became the 'T' class and the engine/drive rules were relaxed somewhat.

We were then nick-named the "Camping & Caravaning Club"!

TD and I at Torquay '96 (Tony took a short snooz during this race after losing a fight with the 'big blue wobbly thing'!)


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It was a bit of a farce in it early days. It knock out a lot of good sports cruisers due to rules hence there were some very dull racing for spectators. Strill this a compeditors sport
Fek the watchers get out and have some fun ...........
It was a bit of a farce in it early days.

"you OK down there boys ? Its only blowing a six...come up for a glass!"


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anyone got a link to a racing calender please??
Reckon that's a Crestliner Rampage, anyone confirm?
Jonny said:
Reckon that's a Crestliner Rampage, anyone confirm?

Yeh, same as our mate Carls
- ignore Isle of Man and Cardiff on the BIBOA calendar though
Jonny said:
Reckon that's a Crestliner Rampage, anyone confirm?

Yep Rampage
Little 1.3 litre Phantom

Well I guess that was me in the back of the 1.3 litre boat, can't say as I remember it, rather a long time ago in the distant past ! But in fairness we did race in some pretty big seas. Old John Moore and I finished the Putney- Channel second leg around the Goodwin Sands about 3rd overall into Ramsgate behind Ted and a 4 litre boat as it was so rough infront of loads of bigger stuff if my memory serves me correctly. No doubt Chaio will put us straight there ! I think it was the year of Sunseekers greatest race triumph when "Minster Heatwave", (a cruiser for those that don't recall), won overall.
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Yes didnt that 20 year old navigator go on to be a class 1 navigator...international powerboat star and senior politician within the offshore scene?

The reason he cant remember the race had something to do with the ukoba Brighton ball the night before!!!!

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