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Mar 23, 2004
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scorpion 8.1
what is a mercury promax, i thought it was the one before optimax but yesterday i looked at a boat with a 2001 300 promax engine on it.... :dizzy:

thanks glen
As far as I am aware the Promax is a an early version of the Optimax but this information was a bit second hand!
ive since found out from marinautique, they are efi but non optimax 2 strokes, the only one now available new is the 300hp like what i found on a scorpion for sale... they are oil injection if that means anything to anyone...

As far as I'm aware;

The Promax 300 is the predecessor to the Promax 300X.

300 approx 275 - 280hp
300x approx 310hp

Both EFi, Oil inj, they're essentially the same but the 300X revs higher.

Popular in the US on Bass boats and the like.
I think Toffen has/had a PM300 on a P25?

I think they also did a Promax 225 (Marakech Express?)

They're marketed as race / recreation engines so have a much more limited warranty and aren't available through the normal dealer network. I don't know about parts.

A 2.5 EFi 280 is a better bet to be honest unless the boat is quite heavy whereby the extra torque would come in usefull.
sorry, 'high performance consumer outboards' as matt rightly says

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