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Mar 13, 2004
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Just received this e mail from:

Florida Powerboat Club
UPDATE - Ocotober 26

Hurricane Wilma devastates South Florida.

10/26/05: NewsBulletin to all FPC Members

From: Stu Jones, President

Hurricane Wilma passed through the Florida Keys and Southwest Florida and continued through Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, before heading offshore. In less than 24 hours, the storm caused an estimated eight to nine billion dollars of damage as it devoured everything in its path.

In Pompano Beach, the wind gusts were recorded at over 120 mph, leaving marinas damaged beyond repair, upturned vehicles, fallen power lines and uprooted trees virtually everywhere.Damages at South Florida marinas are extensive, and some initial news reports indicate that the west building of Marina One in Deerfield Beach and Fort Apache Marina in Sunny Isles may have been completely destroyed. Hideaway Marina in Pompano Beach lost one north facing wall, but miraculously no extensive damage has occurred to any of the boats at the marina.

Electricity is out in many parts of Miami-Dade, and most of Broward County , and there are no firm estimates by FP&L as to when the power will be restored.
Just spoke with Ian Cutler, all OK at their end, although many houses didn't get off as easily as them!
Went to Fort Apache Marina in February - it now resembles a very large game of "Jenga" - they can't even turn the power on because of all of the petrol leaks from the broken boats!

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