Putting faces to names

Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
Heres a pic grabbed from OPB.

This is OPB's Boss, Jack Lieske


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And although it's not quite overseas, here's the Ribnet boss in an all too familiar gay pose.
It aint arf ott mum!


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I spose the hat does mek im look a bit littleamptom lol

The geezer in the middle of the top pic....... or have i met the wrong mike ring?
I know, I was just messin.
I spose he does look a bit like him.

nice shot of JK tho innit? TD scanned it for me out of his May issue of Gay news
Gay Times

And May was an outstanding issue, I can assure you;p;

although i'm surprised Tony's not posted any stuff from his subscription of Fashion Monthly:drain:

right must do some work now...I been a naughty boy
No, it's not Gay Times calendar, you're gettin all confused, it's the 'Unprotected anal sex journal' that the photo shoot is for, I think they're gonna be 'working shots' for the new manual.

Thats toooo much info!!! Dirty boy!

but purely as a point of interest.......is he gonna be the plug or the socket?

Ok I PROMISE NO MORE! Missus well dissown me!
I think his usual position is "Wide receiver"
Jeesus, when the aul paddie sees this there'll be hell to pay! mebbe I should move it somewhere safe.

OH no, it's safe already, we're in 'beyond Blighty' phew!
OH Dear! mebbe I've offended her too.

The aul female types are a bit tetchy! so easy to upset.

If she was a bit younger, i'd suggest it may be the wrong time of the month, but that musth've stopped decades ago (she's sixty fekin three ya know, and they're her own teeth) :bolt:

Brace yourselves!:wotzhapni
BTW that's my photo isn't it? You bin hacking again???

Matt said:
Beyond Missus. :drain: :drain:

Where is missus these days, she hardly ever posts any more.

Keep up whippersnapper.

It's quite nice being 63 and past a lot of crap (like men's special little insults :D ) ...you're so right JF. :up:
You sensitive little man!!!!



Chaos I'm not impressed. I thought you were just a harmless nutter like myself. :eek:
Re: BTW that's my photo isn't it? You bin hacking again???

jackeen's Missus said:
You little man!!!!


How did you know?
Women are intuitive.

It's a different way of knowing stuff.

Men are always compensating for something.

Missus :seaman:

(BTW for Christmas Machew
I must save up and get you a mind of your own :laugh: )
jackeen's Missus said:
BTW for Christmas Machew
I must save up and get you a mind of your own)
Bit spiteful!...:bang:

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