Quad motor Cat

Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
A nice little runabout! A rare beast in these parts.


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But is the transom up to it?


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Any idea how fast this would go? :aaahhh:
It's reputed to do 138mph
Has it ever been seen on the water (at speed that is)?

Whose boat?
Martin Mainsbridge (online racing) It's been kept in the water at Ocean Village.

Everyone who I've spoken to who's seen it running says that only seen it run around 60mph!
Certainly better looking boat than the Aluminium cat that he had built back in the 90's - but how would you like to keep those engines running / fed?
There's a simple answer to that one! I wouldn't:aaahhh:
Re: Re: Quad motor Cat

Dirk Diggler said:
Is that Puddlefoot's new 2 litre boat? Should be ok for a few more speed records!:D

:worthy: :worthy:


:drain: :lol:lol: :drain:
Quads taken off this years mercury racing calendar


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Matt said:
It's also reputed to be getting a new transom.

That boat rolled over about 2 years ago,it was laying at Extreme marine in Florida ,I bought 2 propellors from that boat.(15x34 cleavers 3 blade)
The owner was driving 90 mph with 4 friends aboard,and trimmed in too far,he wanted to make a turn ,when the boat rolled over,nobody gets hurt besides a few bruises(thats what I,ve been told)
At that time that boat was green,Larry Goldman ,the owner of Extreme marine said that the boat was sold to the U.K.
There was some damage on the deck and sides,and all the engines where under water.
I believe its repaired and sprayed in different colors in the U.S
but don,t know for sure.

Jon Fuller said:
It's reputed to do 138mph

I don,t think it can run such speeds,with 1,62:1 ratio at 6800rpm for the 300,s the propshaft is only turning 4197 rpm
with the biggest props available from merc 15x36 labs it should run 129 mph with 10% slip ,and 124 with 14 % slip,it could run 143 with no slip(theoretical speed)
Mine cat is having 16 % slip,with 7800rpm ,1,87:1 ratio,and 15x 34 pitch cleaver 3blade (lab finished)
I want more speed also,but having trouble already with accelerating ,and some more people in the boat.
I even think to buy a set 15x 32 labs to have stronger acceleration,and hope my engine,s will rev some more to maintain topspeed.

I have seen the boat in action, and anchored in Christchurch bay, according to the owner it does go over 100mph, im sure he said 130mph max, but i cant remember. Some friends of mine managed to blag a spin on it, all four engines were running, cant remember how fast they said it went.

Burty said:
how fasts your cat sterling?
is it this one?

Hello Burty

The cat on the pic is the one from outboardcentre wilnis in Holland.
I have a yellow 26 Bernico cat with 2x 260 merc,s .
Its running 112 mph at 7800 rpm,turning 15x 34 lab cleavers 3 blade.
inward rotation.
It,s measured on a nordskog gps unit (onboard)


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Sterling that a fine feline. Any more pics ? What's the speed estimate with 1 260 - low 90's ?

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