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Does anyone know what the required qualifications are for a marine engineer? i.e. if you're looking for a mechanic what is the minumum qualifications he should have?

No- thankfully I haven't broken Red Mist- If I had, I probably wouldn't be around to tell the tale!

What does that mean- IMHO? Can you expand? Sorry- I'm not very mechanically astute...:wotzhapni
Sarah, it means 'In My Humble Opinion'. :)
:) thankyou people, but if any of youi really do know what are the relevant minimum quialifications it would be really helpful

Depsite general skills and competance a technicain needs to be trained by the manufaturer of the equipment he is working on. Especially if the work is being carried out in the warranty period.

Or there will be no support.

Without having been on the manufaturers courses for products a technincian will not be allowed to buy diagnostic test equipment essential for modern servicing. Nor will they get the software updates for this tooling. Nor will they get the service or warranty bulletins.

Some tooling even requires the operators ID. This can be logged in the engine to verify who did the work

Some modern engines are geographically coded, due to the fuel make up, and commercial agreements.

If you are an english service base and you connect to what should be an american engine, the system will tell you this.

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