Question for Jon / Steve

Johnny Boat Dude said:
I reckon Gavs boats are about 15% spilt tea!!! :D

And bulked out with Fag ash & butts (not the Chaos type of Fag)(or butts) (although you never know :snide: )
Jon Fuller said:
not the Chaos type of Fag

:well: Thats the second time in a week you cracked a chaos fag joke this week lol :hump:
You should change his user name to "Captin Fag" much more appropriate:D
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The South African made tri hulled boat at the last Windermere enduro was bulked out with hessian sacking - cheaper than fiberglass.
:aaahhh:did you get any pics? how did it go ?...
have you got ant news about the 300 p/m's yet?