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May 5, 2004
Hook, Hampshire
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Dragon 39
Hi All,

Just to let you know, there will be the opportunity at RIBEX to have a go in a F1 or F2 Racing RIB (passenger only ). There will be 4 boats available over the weekend from 10am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

All passengers will have to sign a disclaimer, but you will be covered under RYA insurance and will therefore be required to purchase a day licence (£15) ... but it will be worth it!! :aaahhh:

Boats will be R5 (Jackie Hunt), R6 (John Puddifoot), R10 (Paul Mitson), R66 (Cookee)

It you want to try it out ... come and find us at the show ... or go to show control to get booked in.

We will have all the safety kit .... unless you have a BIG HEAD (or a very small one) of course ... in which case, bringing your own helmet would be helpful. :hugegrin:

Hope to see you all there!! :seaman:

Mikey said:

All passengers will have to sign a disclaimer,

We tried that with the Honda demo days, but were informed by Insurance company that the "Court of Human Rights" thingy says that you aren't able to sign away your rights, which means that it's not worth the paper that it's written on!!!!
i thought a passenger permit was 45 quid this year and a tenner for insurance,but i guess this may be a different type
Wow would love to have a go!!! can we prebook Mike??

Also Mike hows RedDevil doing? have not seen here yet this season??
I don't think so but we will be there from tomorrow afternoon so come and see me and I'll try and fit you in if there is a way! Unless of course you would rather go in a bigger boat!
Dunno! sorry gotta go .............
Cookee can you reserve lot or two for me


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Unfortunately you can't pre-book, has to be done on the day, but since we now have 5 boats out on Sauturday and 4 on Sunday it shouldn't be a problem

Looking forward to meeting some of you at least

Admiral ... Red Devil went back in the water this weekend after some minor refurbs .... but now based in Southampton ... explains why you haven't seen it.


Ok we are not gonna be able to get across till 1ish.... I have to go to church for the next 3 sundays am's to have these band thingies read ahead of the big day!!!

so will come straight to find you when we arrive....

Why have you moved RedDevil to soton? what have you had done to her? I love this boat so plse let me know if your ever gonna sell her???
Hi Admiral,

Well ....

New props, some of the electrics replaced, some gel coat repairs, and cleaning etc, new cover, new ropes, new fender socks etc.

nothing major .... generally the engines are great so nothing there. Just need to find a trim guage I can see rather than the crappy Volvo ones that are on there :)

New taps and cooker inside ... have to keep the parties going :cheers:

I'll let you know if we consider selling it, but like you, we are getting married next year, so will have a year off from racing and plan to spend a LOT of time on the red devil :facelick:

Moved it to Soton because we live in Hook, so Soton is about 1hr closer than Poole!!
Admiral P. Brain said:
Why have you moved RedDevil to soton?

Coz it's the centre of the known Universe!...(for boating)
ok Mike would love to hook up one wkend, love to have a blast on your rib!!?

RedMist chicks are moaning about the size of our boat/ lack of room/cabin space etc..... I thought they enjoyed bouncing around on the back seat whilst Capt D.Umbo and I squabble over who's gonna nail the hammer!!!

a Hunton seems the next boat up, although would love to find one with twin 300 yans or kad 300's

RedDevil seems more spacious than the current 34 hunton ??
Just want to say that I went out on John Puddifoots boat R6, brilliant fun and a big thank you.

I still have not stopped grinning :hugegrin:

We couldnt make it in fact the furthest we got in RedMist was from the launch to fuel dosck 100 yards at 10am sat morning!!! The kill switch that we decided to try for the first time worked all right!! couldnt get the bugger started after that, seemed it blew a fuse or something!!
We were in mourning the rest of the weekend as we couldnt contact TD to explain the wiring etc....
shame it was cold wet and windy this wkend!!

shame about the boat ... you would definitely enjoyed yourself. It was pretty flat most of the weekend, so were taking people at 80mph+ on occasions.

I agree about the engines in the Hunton .... been thinking the same myself ... twin 300's would certainly get it to about 65 knots or so :bolt:

Ruby ... glad you enjoyed the "experience" ... I have to say most people came off with big grins, and in fact one couple came back twice! :hugegrin:

We were fully booked both days.

sounds like I missed a great opportunity gutted!!!
hopefully another time...

are you racing this wkend in Poole?

65knots in RedDevil know that would be something...
Mikey said:
twin 300's would certainly get it to about 65 knots or so :bolt:

HHmmmmnn! If it does I'll buy a Hunton myself.

I would have thought you'd be lucky to top 60mph (52 knt's) with Yanmar 315's

but like I say, If I'm wrong :bang:, and you're right :banana:, I'll have one myself
:up: :bolt:

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