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Apr 5, 2004
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Think its this weekend, and plan to drive there by car to watch.

Anyone know any more information like times of races, location of pits etc ?

A good day Mr F cheers for the ride down there matey..

A good event but the sight of more V24's cracking up is a bit of a worrying site.

Was the podium finish left as the final conculsion to the V24 race or did the enquiry alter that?
Which one(s) broke, and where?
jon fuller said:
Which one(s) broke, and where?

The bacardi boat you could see a two inch section with cracks on both sides running horzontally down the boat at the fattest point. Down both sides. Like the deck trying to leave the hull.
Looked so straight that you would think it a taped joint on the inside over a seam, the tape being the strongest part and fracturing occuring above and below it.

Terry (V3) lost his mirrors and the trim reservior bottle broke up ditching the oil to the bilges and stopping the trim system. A wing working loose. The washers caved into cones shapes as the bolts tried to pull through.

Someone else retired with a split fuel tank. Colourama?? I think this boat also had the stress marks down the side. But not anywhere near as bad as the first boat.

Dave arthur, Im told the wheel came into his chest, didnt know whether it was the whole dash assy that came adrift, then.
John I think this sums it up

V8 Dashboard fell out
V27 Dashboard fell out
V24 Fuel tank split
V1 stringers broke
V7 pulled out too rough!

V2 first
V11 Second
V1 third
V9 fourth
V16 fifth

Dave Arthur Didnt hurt anything!
Is Mark V11? (pascoe that is)
V11 Mark Pascoe
V3 Terry Mills
V27 Pete Little
V8 Ted Manerfelt
V1 Martin weks
V24 Charles Gardener
V4 Gib boys
V2 Cliff Smith
V16 Mark Priestly
V7 Tom Powel
V9 Ricky hill
MMMnn!, so Cliff beat Mark!
Any news on todays racing?
Pete little was winning in V8 untill the last but one lap when thedashboard fell out again. V9 went on to winV7 then V11.

Class 3 2litre

First The Rendalls, Richard White then Brian& Pat

There were also some things with toobs racing

K class were there, not sure of results
Some pictures from Saturday



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#2 - before the race


  • ramsgate004.jpg
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#3 - on the way to the start


  • ramsgate005.jpg
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#4 - nearly at the start


  • ramsgate006.jpg
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#5 - trying to corner !


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#6 - really flying


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Yes the k fleet plus the offshores were all there too.
2 V24 races
1 Offshore (various classes)
2 K1000
and 7 Kclass races in all.
F2 Results

John Puddifoot won it with Mel Wilby in Cardinal Sin second after being overtaken on the last lap? We struggled through the first half of the race with rain squalls and hail at one point to get third with no damage at all!

The diesel boats got away in the first few laps where we could hardly keep the boat in the water and when it flattened off they were too far in front to catch.

We were very pleased to be first petrol boat home and are looking forward to the 104 mile race at Exmouth next weekend!

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