Revenger 30' Monza


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Dec 14, 2016
Does anyone know this boat, The current owner pulled the engines because it's an almost unsellable boat with the outrages gas prices in the Netherlands.
It is a Revenger 30' Monza, year unknown.
I'm thinking having a look at it and if I like it change the transom to a single engine.
What do you think, is it worthwhile doing this?
There is nearly any information about these boats available on the www.


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More pics


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I looked at purchasing this boat a few years back, if i remember correctly it was in Switzerland and had one blown motor. The upholstery had recently been refreshed at the time. Seller wanted to much for it so i let it go. There were only four Monza's produced by Revenger but I have seen more that were made in Sweden I believe?

Great boat with good performance with twin big block's not so sure that it would be so exciting with a single engine installed! But taking all things into account and the ever increasing cost of boating, it may make sense to someone.

It would all depend on costs at the end of the day but it is a good looking boat.
The boat has been sold, the asking price wast just below €7k so I assume it went for less then that.

I wish i had Known about this Revenger great looking boat and a bit of History in the making:tea::tea:
Well, it looks like someone is trying to make some fast money here or the boat is junk and he found out after buying it and now wants to resell??? Like I said this boat has been sold about a month ago in this condition, without enginges for under €7k. One of the engines and both outdrives are still for sale by the previous owner.

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The only one who now owner the boat is the insurance company. I was the owner of this boat and never pulled the engines. The person who stole the boat sold it for 5,000 Euros to a company who pulled the engines and then quickly sold the boat to a company in Germany. The insurance company is still trying to get the boat back.
The German person who bought the boat in Holland says that he bought the boat without knowing that it was stolen (for a ridiculous low price). So he doesn't want to turn the boat over to the insurance company. The insurance company now confiscated the boat, so the German owner has the boat but can't sell it. They are now fighting in a German court which could take years.