RIBEX #1 : The Lovely Girls...

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Mar 13, 2004
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The Lovely Girls...

OK I used that title so you'd all have a look at the thread.
Not misleading. Just repackaging.
If I'd called it something like RIBEX 2004 shure ye'd all declare ye were sick of looking at the pics and blanked it.
But the lovely girls are coming up. And there are some lovely laydees along the way...
So stick with the thread and you shall have your reward.

Missus :D

However if it's boats you'd like to see...try this waypoint...:D

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Champagne Reception for RIBNET Boss JK

He's checking it's not Cava!!!!

l-r John Kennett, Kevin (Aging Youth), Suzuki Pete, Jackeen and Tosspot 2
:D :D :D :D :D


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Cheesy Grins...

l-r Cookee, Alan Priddy & friend (seated), Suzuki Pete (hiding Jackso), JK, Kevin (AY), Peter-Tosspot, Mike-Scurvy Crew...


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Ah do I have to

share it?

(Well we did bring glasses as well!!!!)


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JK....and Charles!!!

Go on Charles. Come back...go on go on go on...


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Nice shirt Chuck!....and who's the geezer in the stripey blue shirt with the Trumpet sticking out of his arse?

Like this!


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Boss looks grand...

in his new fleece...
and that's Janet & Bill...
(I'll sew the little gloves on the ends of the sleeves next week JK!!!)


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Now where was I...

Oh yeah...Andre & Wiesia...lovely couple...


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Organisers Kevin, Kathryn (& Daniel) worked very hard, thank you...


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bumping into peeps in the sun...Martin has still got a huge grin having been out in John Puddi?????'s boat (help JF???Ruby???)

l-r Sally, Wiesia, Martin (Ruby Murry), Antoinette aka Anto aka Mrs Ruby M., DJL Daniel, Jackeen.


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Did anyone see the Eurocommuter?
Nope sorry...

Wouldn't recognise it.
The sunlight was sparkling on few things...just not sure if they were ali....


here we are at last.

I must say ye've been very good...

And deferred gratification is good for ye anyways...


Missus (two more pics but they're good uns:hugegrin: )
The Lovely Girls!!!

Oh and that's Tim-of-Ireland in the middle...personal mate of Enda O Coineen and general gas man...
Wanted this pic to wind up his mate Gavin in Dublin.
(BTW Mrs. Tim...he only sat there for a second and I was chaperoning...:D )


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And here's one for

all Boatmadders...

The Lovely Girl in a Boatmad Hat!!!

(I think it was Pippa...forgot the names, apologies ladies (gettin ould).. )


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I'm sure I've seen that orange boat up the river Itchen recently or one nearly identical??...or should i say "heard" rather than seen....lol

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