RIBEX #2 Wotever floats yer boat...

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Mar 13, 2004
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Wotever floats yer boat...

Ah ye didn't think ye were going to get away that lightly now.
Shure there's already 53 threads and ten million views of RIBEX over there on RIBNET!!!

OK so here's some pics of boats.

Spent a lot of time yakkin so I missed a lot but here's an effort anyways...

(However if it's the Lovely Girls you want to see you need to look here...

Or cut the nonsense let's see the backdraft...

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Cookee & Kitten's

Bananashark...quickly taken out of commission when the Missus tried to book a spin...
Oh just spotted some familiar faces on the pontoon...r-l Tim, Charles, Bogib...(I think)


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A few well-known faces...
And Tim Griffin took us on a lickle trip to Yarmouth (thanks Tim)


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Where we saw

The Old Gaffers...


It's a type of WAFI boat... (Festival on in Yarmouth)


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Some people (Ruby & Anto)

just belong in certain boats...

The K4...Adam Younger's Boat :up::hugegrin: :hugegrin:

(Thanks Bogib!!! :wave: )


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Now the next one is amazing...

Not very nice for the peeps concerned but a visual reminder not to cut corners...

Sympathies to the driver...

This one's up the creek without a paddle for sure


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This is the best way keeping the V24´s and MP´s boats he he he he he he :D :D :D
Where's Batman when you need him???

Vicious corner that into the Hamble...from So'ton Water (background)...

The lovely girls had to swim for it I believe:aaahhh: :aaahhh:

(We passed that corner earlier picking you up & taking you home Bogib...remember???)


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No. His own design CC. Looks like an Evo...racy console; bucket seats, nose etc. Ex-racer. Now designs. Very nice couple. Took us out into messy water because he had confidence in his boat.

Builds on Isle of Wight.

It's an Adam Younger design Lawrence, and build for that matter.

he posts on BM as Adam (strangely enough)
Was the inverted FIB a demo, or did it fall over?
Also, is there a vow of silence regarding the total structural failure of Cookee's indistructable boat, or have you just not gotten round to it yet?

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