RIBEX....Not just for Ribstas 4-5-6 June 2004



Waiting for pictures and wish I where there yesterday.

Hopefully we will have fun next weekend, any suggestions on what to bring in from Iceland SHARK perhaps and/or DRIED FISH !!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Bogib...we'd better start a new thread on RIBEX!!! (Go on you do it!!! Here in the Cruise section)

Captain...we all decided last night ( and remember a high percentage of Boatmadders were there:laugh: )
that we all like you very much so as usual

-it don't matter a damn wot you look like

-the only qualification to join in succesfully is to either tork loads of bollix or listen to someone else torkin loads of you know what.

Hope to meet you soon (RIBEX next weekend)

Missus :up:
Tall KIN bOlix

Well in that case...i'll settle in just fine.

Early excuses......what day is ribex?

Friday - my close friend is boxing,
Sat - same close frind has stag do!!
Sun - i am tired and have headache
All weekend but Sunday in your case cos that's not good enough!!!

Bogib's comin over so we'll have Zeb's toobs stuffed with Panodils.
We're setting up a little stall in Cowes.

'Rollup! Rollup! Speshul Panodils for Boatmadders '


Isnt that in the IOW? if so, its bleedin miles away!

If TD pulls his finger out this week, and i can go to the seaside for the day & kill 2 birds with 1 stone, then maybe, just mebeeeee!

oh & BTW that wee kid up there is one cool geezer!
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are you having a barbecue at some time over the weekend?
I can't manage to go to Ribex or the conference as such but I could manage a visit to the Barbecue to say hello. I also haver a case of desperado's I could bring with me
ah desperados,happy days indeed,make sure they are ice cold:brown:
As the FGT will tell you keeping things cold on a rib is never a problem

One of my favourite songs Desperadoes...
Or is it desperados? (Spanis????)


Anyway you all-over-the-bloomin place boatmadders there is a BBQ Cowes Sat evening. If you're in the area please show as you will only add to the cheer :up:

I think it's at The Fountain 'Otel but ring Paul's mob if you're not sure

07790 551442


Absolutely one of my fave songs also :'like desperadoes waiting for a train'...bet you don't remember that one RWave
was that by the Dubliners
God no....

They used to drive me bananas bleating away through their huge beards and Guinness Moustaches....like badly serviced two-strokes the lot of 'em...

jackeen's Missus said:
Anyway you all-over-the-bloomin place boatmadders there is a BBQ Cowes Sat evening. If you're in the area please show as you will only add to the cheer :up:

Not wishing to rain on anyone's parade, but is Kevin (AY) aware that there may be extra bodies showing up for the BBQ? I thought it was a prebooked thing??? :confused:
If there's a problem chipping in for the BBQ there are plenty of noshy places...

Really I think I was just talkin to myself Mrs. N.


But if anyone's genuinely interested I'll check it out with Kev.
Barbecue that you have to pre book for! I am not one for queuing and reservations so I think I'll pass.

I thought the rufty tufty Rib comunity would have driven up to a beach and rubbed two sticks together to start the bonfire. the using the big or even bigger knife cut a few limbs off (hopefully from trees and not hardboaters) and got the Barbie rocking.
Missus would have done her party piece with the 5 loaves and two fishes and you and Mr Nobber would have broken out the whisky you won off Whiteshoes.

Have a good time this weekend whatever you are doing

Didn't mean to put anyone off - just wanted to make sure everyone who turned up was gonna get a bit of a nosh - only fair after travelling across the great wide Solent!! :D

Anyway, hope we will see you at some stage over the weekend, Stu. :wave:
If anyone from here is over, and wants to go for grub or find out wots happenin...I've posted Paul's no.

Would be really nice to see any Boatmadders :up:


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