Ring 17 Kevlar HP?


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Apr 5, 2004
I'm in the process of having a pair of Kevlar Ring design 17' boats built.

I'm interested to know what max HP anyone with a similar boat has used.
17', you sure about that? 16'6" South Coast Marine maybe?

I've seen a 200hp on a Ring 16, whats the builders max hp for this 17' boat?????
I'm in the process of having a pair of Kevlar Ring design 17' boats built.

Why a pair, one for each foot ? :drain:
I'm sure you must be talking about the 16C from Mr vincent @ SCM.

I can assure you that he has a boat very well built indeed. I think he's an old chum of Mr Rings, but isnt too backward in giving his opinion on what improvements he felt were 'a must' for that boat. I.e stringer/ floor arrangments. I think the flors now stepped, more like a phantom and the knees come up bellow the back seats.

Mike will assure you that you can stick a 60 degree 175 ficht on it no prob. I can vouch for having seen one go like stink with a 135 Merc 2.0L. Which are decidedly lighter.

have decent pics @ home, will post if u want.

Anyway, how comes you got some built, i tried for a year to get a price

i think theres some conspiracy here
My old Ring 15 once had a Bridgeport on the back. talk about overpowered.
Is that Kevlar inside and out or just inside ?

I owned a Ring 16 with a 90 hp mercury. Used to do over 50 mph on a specialy fitted searay speedo


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Graham R U Sure that wasnt a mistake.

Did you not get the 50 and the 90 the wrong way round?

Purely by chance,

spoke with SCM today...they're not building any 17's (16C's)....

as they have the 'other' 16 Ring mould and the 18/20 were supposed to have been destroyed, i'd be really interested to know who's building them for you??

Are they not just another Ring designed hull, for instance, the crusaders.... which have recently got new owners??

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