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Mar 12, 2004
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I have just fitted new sparco seats in my Ring 18 hence the orignial front pair are now for sale. They are the standard Ring bucket seats and were re-upholstered a couple of months ago with new foam etc etc. They are in excellant condition and are black with blue centres. £75 pair ono:drink:
No, I`l get the camera out tomorrow and post a couple to you. They are in good shape though, they where only in the boat for a couple of months after re-furb, no tears scratches or anything really, the only reason there going is that I`ve just fitted a pair of high back sparco buckets.
i'm in desperate need of some seats its like sitting in a deck chair at present. how much were your sparco's???
Well, I got a little lucky I think. Paid well under a ton for the pair (second hand and well worn!!, had them re-done in the colours (black and blue) for 100 quid. Brand new they are close to to a couple of hundred each.
The only problem I had was fitting them, good job it was easter not so long ago otherwise my boss would have wondered what all the rabbits were leaving in the boot of my car!!!

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