Ring 21, 250xs, what gear ratio should I go for?

Paul E

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Aug 21, 2009
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I'm looking at going for one of the new 250 Sport XS mercs for my 21C, running a combined setback bracket and lifter totalling about 17". They come with a choice of 1.62 or 1.75 sportmaster gearboxes, what would be best? What kind of pitch prop would I be starting with as a baseline?

Suggest you pop down to next French race before wasting too much money !!
How come?
The Big, Clumsey, Torquey, engines on little boats seem very difficult to balance !!
Yeah but they're French :hugegrin:

I know what you're saying, buy mines quite far from a stripped out race boat, it's fully upholstered and will spend a lot more time 'cruising' 4 or 5 up than racing with 2... In fact if it voids the warranty I won't be racing with it at all
Then go with the 1.75
Thought so, cheers. The boat had a 225 Opti on before I bought it and was very well balanced, the same motor is now on my mate's very light P21 and is a bit of a handful by all accounts

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