Ring 21 Mercruiser 350 mag MPI


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Apr 5, 2004
I'm due to view a Ring 21 (1993) with a 2001 Mercruiser 350ci magnum MPI fitted. Apparently the engine is spot on, the trailer looks pretty fecked and the boat isn't mint but a little TLC should see it right. Price is £7995.00.

Should I go and check it out? Is it a good engine choice? Or should i :bolt:
it cant hurt to have a look,i travelled 450 miles yesterday to view a batboat. had a ring 21c a few years ago,very good boat,although it didnt have an inboard
I like the idea of inboard economy plus it is the closed loop cooling system type, so less corrosion worries. Apparently capable of 70+ mph?
Apparently the sterndrive is Alpha 1. Anyone got any views on the Alpha 1's ability to take 300hp?

Did you go to see you Ring in the end? I saw that for sale a few weeks ago, looked really nice, especially the engine. I would be interested to know what you thought of it
Was supposed to look at it last Saturday morning but was far too hungover to move till lunchtime
:cheers: :brown: :drink: :sperm: :snooz: :bang:
Gonna try and get down there 2morrow.

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