RMYC 2012 Powerboat Race


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May 1, 2010
Happy New Year to you all, hope Father Christmas brought you lots of go faster bits for your boats, it is less than 4 months to the first race hence the reason I’m sending out this message.

After a very successful June race last year with the race control and scrutineering based at Poole Quay on the Saturday, I’ve been in talks with the Harbour and Council about bringing the race back to the Quay for the whole weekend as it was many years ago, this is where I need your help.

The race date is the 26th & 27th May and I hoping to use the same courses as last year, but any feedback will be taken on board, one of the main issues is the position of the crane, so please could I ask you to reply back to me with the following information :-

Do you intend entering ?
What class ?
Will you be arriving by sea or road ?
What is the gross weight of your boat (fuelled up) ?
Are you prepared to pre enter via the RYA for a discount as per last year ?

Thank you for your help.
Is this still only a 1 day event ?
Bob it will be the same format as previous years, which is one race for all classes on the Sunday.
Hi Bob, we plan to race this event in the Phantom 21. We will come by road and I suppose enter sports boat up to 250hp. Have'nt a clue as to how much she weighs.
Mike thanks for replying.
We are currently working with ORDA and the RYA to update the classes for our club races, we will post the new classes as soon as they have been approved by the RYA.
The weight is more for the Marathon classes, if we have any boat heavier than 6 tonnes fully fuelled, we may need a larger crane to get the reach from the road to the edge of the Quay.
really good event - one of the best in the year - will certainly plan on racing with the Technohull 888 (in slightly modified lay-out)
February update

The end of the road closure consultation period was last Thursday, it looks like we had no objections against closing the road in front of the Thistle hotel for the two days. With the help of Dorset Cranes we have found a suitable location for the crane adjacent to the Thistle hotel, this has got the full support of the Harbour Master and the Harbour engineer. I’m meeting with Poole Tourism and the Thistle hotel next week, so things are progressing nicely. The one big issue is the lack of support from the competitors, it could be a total waste of time and effort after all this work if we only get 10/15 entries, I’m sure we would not be allowed back on the Quay in 2013, so all we ask is a quick post, pm or email giving your support to enter this race. If we do get sufficient entries this may allow us to fund a crane for a Saturday afternoon practice session.
As previously discussed, I am not planning to enter this one.

B28 and 38ZRC will be there!
well done Bob
I would love to enter this race but sadly im not here.
I have a very nice p19 if anyone wants to rent it to boost the numbers?
out of interest how much to rent drew
out of interest how much to rent drew

Not really sure mate havnt put much thought into it. Access to the boat is very hard when im not here as it locked away on a army camp.
the trouble with renting must be what happens when things break/go wrong
Is this going to be a basic race ?

Cinzano intending to be there if we get some competition !
Double 2 Shirts will be there Bob
Class A
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In view of this weeks very sad news, could consideration possibly be given to an award being made, in memory of Tom Crump, for presentation at this race ?
If a collection were envisaged to fund an award/trophy, I would be willing to donate.