RMYC 2012 Powerboat Race

Race report

Following Cowes last year we pulled both motors and spent the winter going through everything only to finish and get the boat in the water the weekend before the race. With no more than 2 hours on the motors we waited in the muster area wondering how we would perform on such a lovely calm day. We waited ½ an hour milling around getting hotter and hotter before the start boat led off with the yellow flag and almost instantly the green flag came out and we were going, trailing Microlink, Going lean and Cinzano. As we headed for Christchurch ledge we drew alongside Cinzano at about 85MPH, within a few minutes Dean slowed and stopped, we looked round to see Flyin Falcon chasing hard and leaving Vee still out in front. We ran neck and neck with Cinzano to North head where we pulled in front but we could see Vee about a mile ahead in the mist. The run out to the needles and down to Shambles was great with the waves big enough to get us going and slowly we could see we were catching Vee but still a way to go. As we rounded Shambles the motors were freeing up along with Trevor’s right arm bringing us up to over 90MPH and really enjoying the conditions, bit by bit we were still catching Vee and eventually overtook around St Albans where the overfalls were creating a bit more bump, we loved that and continued on our way at 90 ish out to two buoys. We knew Vee would have more speed in the flat calm so we ran as fast as we could back to the beach but they cruised by us at the pier and nothing we could do. The old girl gave us a fantastic ride and the number of spectator boats and people cheering us on through the short laps was reminiscent of old times making for a truly memorable day.
Was great to see and hear.

As I said to my mother on the pier, "That's the bloke that used to race in Poco Homes".
Thanks Tony for the race report. Maybe catch this race next year with Martini, Will have to try for reliability though, can't come close to the kind of speeds you guys have.
Great Report Tony.
Thanks for the insight - A good day indeed.
As we headed for Christchurch ledge we drew alongside Cinzano at about 85MPH
Thanks Tony and Simon for the race reports its always good to read how the competitors saw it.
Tony the attached image is the moment you mention running out to Christchuch Ledge as was.

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Both are great photos guys and the one of Flyin Falcon.
Brilliant to run alongside Cinzano at speed.
You should really be running that great boat in the Cowes/Monte-Carlo next year Tony, you know you will regret it if you don't. :bolt:

Mike, if I win the lottery in the meantime we will definately be there!