RMYC 2013 powerboat race


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May 1, 2010
Please see below a copy of an email that has been sent out to some of the marathon fleet.

Dear All, thank you for finding the time to reply to my earlier emails about the Royal Motor Yacht Clubs proposed plan to run a Cowes Monte Carlo (CMC) warm-up race at the begin of May next year, of the 60 marathon boats that we tried to make contact with, we had 30 replies and only 13 of these boats supported the race in some form. We managed to run a very successful race this year from Poole Quay but it took many hours of hard work and lots of stress to make this race happen (and get the crane back on the Quay), and we still ended up making a financial loss, so at our committee meeting in July we discussed 3 options for 2013, take a year out, run a small club race or try to run a CMC warm-up race, after much debate we went with the CMC warm-up race providing we could get the support of 20 marathon boats by the end of October. At a committee meeting earlier this month we decided to abort trying to run the warm-up race due to insufficient interest as we cannot risk our member’s money again. We were left with the other 2 options and after discussing these again we have decided to run the Cancer Charity club race using the Cancer Research trophies from the Royal Motor club house on Saturday 6th July, signing on and scrutineering will be available Friday evening and Saturday morning with the race start around 17.00 followed by prize giving and a BBQ, the Camden and Needles trophy will be shelved for 2013.

Thank you again to those 13 boats and good luck to you all if you are competing in the CMC race.
Is this still happening? Just trying to sort out our calendar for this year.
C-56 will be there if it is.