Round Britain in a 'Blade'

Johnny Rocket said:
So as far as I can tell from this discussion, there was a mechanical failure of a drive componenet but no actual evidence of any collision?

Doesn't anyone here know someone who was actually involved? If so perhaps you could suggest that they give us the straight facts to avoid the endless surmise and rumours?


OK, enough time has elapsed for the truth to be published by Icemarine. Unfortunately they have not, and still state they hit a submerged object.

As they are not going to say so - I will:

Johnny - you are correct. There was a mechanical failure in their design. There is no evidence of any collision, and the statement that there was a collision with an unknown object was designed to move suspicion away from their design failure. You can not have a high profile attempt failing bring the actual engineering of the boat into question can you?

My quote that got John G so riled up:
verytricky said:
or something similar....;)

Is in fact true.

They did not hit anything to cause the problem. The problem was simple mechanical failure due to a design change that failed under the 'normal' stress of operating the boat at high speeds in the conditions they were. The only thing they 'hit' was the water.

This is the fact, and it would be great if John G would do us a favour and 'enlighten us on what you know??'
John G said:
a hole! sh*t! sounds serious - tell us more Mr.Fuller?

Or was it "something similar"? - Mr.Tricky can you enlighten us on what you know??
John G said:
I didn’t initially come forward declaring exactly my involvement in this project as I interested to see for once from an inside perspective how the inevitable rumour mill and speculation would evolve!

It appears he was testing the water to see if the truth was out. Well, now it is.

John G said:
Yes - like Tony Davis said, I know that the tie bar did break - due to hitting something.

John G said:
Matt - I believe that something hit the skeg and the resulting jolting force sheared the tie-bar at one end (max shear force at end of a beam).

The bar then rotated back and got chewed by the prop on the side it was still connected to.

It would be nice to have an appology - from you John G - for misleading the forum as you have done.
I don't feel a need for an apology from JG, or the need to humiliate either JG or Icemarine by demanding one!
I did take issue with the way JG bowled into the forum - but I expressed that to him at the time, and as far as I'm concerned it's all history now. They fixed the problem, set off again, and beat the record.
hmmmn - you are too nice I think.

mind you he did rip a thread off my ass and not yours, which is why I am possibly being vindictive.

I just wish that there was more 'straight talk' and less smoke and mirrors.

One thing: IceMarine no longer advertises their top of the range 34 (101 sport) as being capable of 80mph + Their redesigned website lists 75mph as the top speed for the Bladerunner with 300 promax x's - which is more realistic and truthful. So perhaps some small good thing has come out of the issues raised....
i dont wanna take sides with anyone but i think jgs minimal response was very tactful and intelligent, my father whos a very wise man once said, sometimes its better to just let people huff and puff and blow themselves down!! I think apoligies have been expressed and boatmad should progress and not become MADboaters
Im very surprised that no one has mentioned the story about the boat hitting a submerged container!

Has anyone else heard that story?
Matt said:
They fixed the problem, set off again, and beat the record.

These guys set a new round Britain record for which they should be congratulated. Who cares what happened on the first attempt. I'm chuffed just to get around the Isle of Wight.

For Cris-sakes Tricky, get over it.
Jono said:
Doesn't that depend how it was nailed on? If a monkey fitted it, a collision with a Mackerel would wipe it out......:D

I generally don't assume a component has failed...just the muppets who put stuff together/designed/used it.... and I ain't confining my harsh critisiscm to the marine trade, oh no......:duell:

I heard that! Lol