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Mar 19, 2004
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Have heard that Tony Dowley (ex 'Thunderbird') is having a Nor-Tech 36 cat being built that is to be powered by twin 950 Express Marine Engines.

Any truth to the rumour?
Well he certainly has a liking for Express Marine, and can afford one!
From what I have been been told, the Nor-Tech is supposed to come here for a short time before entering a life of luxury in the south of France.

'Deep Throat' informs that Mr. Dowley was not at all impressed that the RYA would not ratify his Cowes 'Round the Island' record time in 02 during a Pro Vee race (I think it was 92-93 mph avg.) so he will pick his time and weather (ala Mr. Dredge) and with RYA official timers and doing the official course, attempt it again.

According to a Powerboat Magazine test report, a Nor-Tech 3600 with twin 1000 bhp attained about 142 mph so I reckon he should be good for 130 or so with the 950's so he should be able to do it. Of course, this is all assuming 'Deep Throat' does not speak with forked tongue.
I hate to ask this, but who's 'Deep Throat'?
Johnson said:
I hate to ask this, but who's 'Deep Throat'?

I'm not at liberty to say. Mssrs. Woodward and Bernstein have sworn me to secrecy.

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